1: Invite us over

We would love to meet you and see your home! We’ll begin our process with an initial consultation ($250). Invite us over for a tour of the rooms you want transformed. Share with us what you love and what’s not working for you and your family.

2: Be our guide

During our initial consultation, we get to know you and your family better. We'll start by taking photos and detailed measurements of your space. Tell us your story, describe your hopes and style, and let us know how we can help. The more you engage with us, the better! With your guidance and participation, we roll up our sleeves and begin overhauling your space.

3: Let’s switch things up

It’s time to reconfigure and repurpose rooms, rearrange furniture, hang art, organize treasures, decorate shelves, measure and purge. This process helps us to see all that you have and help you decide what stays and what goes.

4: Master plan

Next we’ll brainstorm and problem solve. With informed focus, we’ll identify the furniture and accessories you’ll need to transform your space. This master plan and your budget will be our guide for remaking your home.

5: Shopping time

We are treasure hunters! Once you approve the master plan we will search the world over looking for beautiful items to finish your space. We try to make outfitting your home as simple as possible.

6: Pick your favorites

Your home should only be filled with pieces that bring you joy! We value your honest feedback to help inform our selections. Love it? It's yours! Meh? Don't worry, we've got more ideas. Together, we will have chosen furniture and accessories that will make you swoon!

7: Fine tuning

Throughout the home remaking process, we will continuously tweak— move furniture just so, style your shelves and arrange your accessories. We’ll do all the little touches that make the whole space come together.

8: Voila! Enjoy your new home!

Once we have transformed your rooms, you’ll probably want to throw a party to show off your new digs! Trust us. This happens all the time. Invite everyone and enjoy!