Sasha & Ashley are amazing! They are enthusiastic, creative, and a joy to work with. They listened to our ideas, understood our style, and jumped right in to help us create a lovely home for our family in a short time frame. They found the perfect balance of giving us confidence to try new pieces in our home and repurposing items we already had. We were so impressed by their thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and their talent for remaking homes.
— Mom of two young children
Thank you so much for making my living room functional and beautiful. The big changes and little touches made a world of difference and we now really enjoy spending time in there. Sasha & Ashley did an amazing job! I had no idea this space could be so quickly turned into something so wonderful. I can’t wait until I redo another room with you. Thank you!
— Working Mom of two
I love your creativity and your willingness to “play” - to move things around the house to see if/how they work in different spots. Thank you for sharing your gifts to help me feather my nest.
— Mom of three tweens
Thank you so much for your vision, time, energy and work! We love the changes you have made! Not only are they beautiful, but they are also functional! Thanks for diving right in and helping us! We are absolutely thrilled. I know that we will enjoy living in our new family room!
— Mom of three girls
We hired Sasha & Ashley to help with our move. They exceeded my expectations! They were fantastic and so creative with my space. They picked out the most economical but perfect little pieces to bring warmth to our home.
— Pregnant working Mom of two toddlers
What I most loved about working with Sasha & Ashley was how they made us feel. They invited us into nearly every decision and never made us feel stupid or silly for asking questions or giving our opinion. And when we asked for their feedback, they provided confident (but never demeaning) thoughts that invited us into the conversation. Home decorating can come across as stressful and arrogant... and they made it feel the exact opposite.
— Young Dad of two