Sasha Chriss

Sasha uses her keen eye for beauty to infuse homes with heart and soul. She can transform even the most uninspiring structures into warm and welcoming homes. Her homes have included a tiny dirt-floored shack in rural Africa, a prewar apartment on the Upper West Side, a McMansion in Texas, a Colonial home in Boston and a sweet little California rancher in Silicon Valley.  

She currently spends her days fighting off the fraternity house vibe in the home she shares with her husband and three young sons. It’s a battle fought with throw pillows, layered accessories, and gorgeous artwork.  


Ashley Callahan

Ashley is an artist and a dreamer.  Her design sense is both practical and practically Swedish with a deep love for clean lines and functional spaces. She seeks beauty and reconfigures spaces in her mind to create lovely moments of connection.  She comes alongside clients to create a space that represents who they are and what they love. She intuitively understands the rhythms of young families and transforms homes so that relationships can flourish.  

In an act of pure defiance, she and her husband are raising their three fort-building, wildly creative children in a tiny two bedroom home in Menlo Park, California.